Looking to uplift your business!!!

TRUST: Do your customers trust you? Once you take the steps to remove fear from the purchase decision, the sales process becomes a lot easier. Following a few simple steps can allow you to build a lasting relationship that is built on ethical business practices, quality service/products and your ability to listen to the needs of your customer, even when issues arise.

BRAND MESSAGE & USP: Have you looked at your brand and its message? When starting out in business or working on lifting your image and profile, it is important to consider what is my brand saying to the consumer, and will it meet my ideal customer’s needs. The unique selling proposition allows you to establish a difference in your industry. It aligns the values that your business is built on and the value your product/services offers to your customers. This is the statement that lets the consumer see how you stand out from your competitors, and not on price!

CUSTOMER VIEW: What do your customers see? Perception vs. reality, these are two very different things. To position yourself as a premium and quality supplier in your industry is great, but what is your reality. You need to ensure your online presence, marketing collateral, customer service and sales process reflect the reality you want to live. If perception is not your customer’s reality then it is time for a complete overhaul of your business from an outsiders viewpoint. What you say you are must match whom you say you are.

SELF REPRESENT: How do you represent yourself? The apple does not fall far from the tree. As a business owner or manager presenting yourself is important. Take note of the clothes you wear and the language you use. Would you be happy with your staff mimicking your behaviour or do you need to lift your game? Raising your profile also requires raising your voice. This can be achieved in a few different ways, such as becoming a known expert in your industry, by writing a book or creating an eBook or presenting to groups and organisations, sharing your message and knowledge with others.

ONLINE LOOKS: How do you look online? Depending on your target market a large majority of your customers will look online. They will look at your website, stalk your social pages and read your Google reviews. Then they will decide if they want to call or email you. Take control and actively update your social media and encourage your customers to rate your service on review applications. This is a marketing goldmine for trust building.

UNEXPECTED BEYOND: What unexpected above and beyond making your clients say ‘WOW’? People want an experience, a journey, something to make their life easy. They also want to feel special. Build something unique into your sales process. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just something to let them know you care. Send them some chocolates, a funny email on an order update or photos of a project you completed. Give your clients an unexpected gesture to leave a lasting impression.

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